22 May 2015

Self-Parking Car Malfunctions. Ouch!

I came across this video today which appears to show a self-parking car that completely malfunctions when parking. Nothing scares me more than letting a car do all the work for you, whether it be parking or driving along a motorway. This video is quite shocking, and it looks like the vehicle is being promoted for its self-parking capability, or lack of it in this case. I don’t think i could put my life and the life of my family in the hands of a computer, no matter how “safe” it appears to be. What if your self-driving car malfunctions on the motorway or when parking, and injures, or worse, kills someone? Are you to blame? Self-driving cars? NO THANK YOU! I hope the bloke that got hit is ok as it looks like a fairly harsh impact with the front of the vehicle.

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22 May 2015

This Aston Martin DBS Glows in the Dark

A company called Nevana Designs has developed a unique UV coating which can be applied to just about anything. And it just so happens they have coated an entire Aston Martin DBS in their product, and it looks pretty cool. This technology absorbs the sun’s rays during the day, and then remains luminescent for up to 10 hours at night. This car is sure to turn heads with this unique look, and it’s going to appear all over the world in the annual Gumball 3000 rally. The Gumball 3000 rally starts this weekend on Saturday May 23rd in Stockholm, Sweden. Drivers will be racing across Europe before crossing the Atlantic, all of the U.S. and ending in Las Vegas. I checked out the Nevana Designs facebook page and noticed some other items receiving the UV treatment… Pretty awesome stuff!

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21 May 2015

Nascar Twin Engine MONSTER! 0-60mph in Under 2 Seconds

To reach 60mph in under 2 seconds requires a serious amount of power, and this might just be the most savage car we have ever seen. Everything about this “Nascar Twin Engine” car is just insane. Featuring a fat 6262 Turbo on the front engine and a 6266 Turbo on the rear engine producing a combined power output of 1300bhp! With this sheer amount of power you can reach 60mph in under two seconds, and without the body panels looks like it came straight from the set of Mad Max: Fury Road. Can i have a go please!!

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19 May 2015

The Worst Attempt at Drifting You’ll See For a While

It’s quite hard to put into words how bad this guy is at ‘drifting’. It’s like he played a few hours of Dirt 3 and thought he was a pro. Driving a Toyota Celica, which is FWD, was his first mistake as its hard enough drifting a RWD car let alone one with power only to the front wheels. You can soon tell from the video that this driver has zero experience, and even in a completely empty car park he still manages to find something to smash into. FAIL!

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13 May 2015

Russian Football Player Crashes His Nissan GT-R at Over 105mph

Russian football player Andrey Yeshchenko may have some decent skills on the pitch, but he lacks the skill to drive a car at speed. As you should know, the Nissan GT-R is a pretty easy car to drive with AWD, but as we see in the following video, the Russian star just couldn’t keep it on the road. Driving at speeds of over 105mph in a 30mph zone, Andrey was forced to brake heavily as he came too fast into a corner. From the looks of it, condensation on the windscreen mixed with lift-off over steer results in the death of this GT-R. But it could of been so much worse. Thankfully, because of the way in which he struck the pole, Andrey was able to walk away from the accident without serious injury. Let’s hope he has learnt something from this near fatal crash.

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08 May 2015

Audi Reportedly Invents a Carbon-Neutral Diesel Fuel

The German car manufacturer Audi has reportedly created a new carbon-neutral diesel fuel which is made purely from water, carbon dioxide and renewable energy sources. This new fuel, labelled ‘e-diesel’, is already being used to power the Audi A8 owned by the country’s Federal Minister of Education and Research, Johanna Wanka. The creation of this new fuel is a huge step forward in the quest for sustainable transport, and it’s very exciting that a large automotive group such as Audi is at the forefront. Audi has now set up a pilot plant in Dresden, Germany, operated by a clean tech company called Sunfire, which will pump out 160 litres of synthetic diesel each day over the coming months. Their base product, known as ‘blue crude’, is created in a three-step process. The first important step involves harvesting only renewable energy from sources such as wind, solar and hydropower. They then use this renewable energy to split water into oxygen and pure hydrogen, using a process known as reversible electrolysis. The hydrogen is then mixed with carbon monoxide, which is created from carbon dioxide (harvested from the atmosphere). At high temperate these two react under pressure, resulting in the production of long-chain hydrocarbon compounds which make up the blue crude. Once this has been refined, the resulting e-diesel can then be mixed with our current diesel fuel, or used on its own to power cars in a more sustainable way. Sunfire analysis has shown that this synthetic fuel is not only more environmentally friendly, but also has far superior combustion when compared to fossil fuels. The e-diesel has a staggering energy efficiency of 70 percent, they report. “The engine runs quieter and fewer pollutants are being created. Of course, with the initial factory only pumping out around 160 litres each day, the fuel isn’t going to have a huge impact on the market just yet. But Audi and Sunfire now want to build a bigger factory, and anticipate that once production is scaled up, the e-diesel will sell to the public for between 1 and 1.50 Euros per litre, dependent on the cost of renewable electricity. With traditional diesel currently on the market for upwards of 1.50 Euros per litre in Germany, this would make the fuel extremely competitive, and perfectly positioned to made sustainable travel accessible to everyone. “If we get the first sales order, we will be ready to commercialise our technology” Said Sunfire Chief Technology Officer Christian von Olshausen in a press release. This is a huge leap forward in sustainable fuels whilst tackling the issue of CO2 emissions. You can find out more about this new e-diesel in the video below: Is this the future of sustainable fuel? Let us know in your comments. Cover photo: Flickr

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06 May 2015

When Your Lamborghini Gallardo Gets Owned By A Volvo S40

I’m a big fan of sleepers, and love it when a ‘supercar’ gets owned by a car which looks like its just appeared from a school run. This video is a prime example of a sleeper car that doesn’t look particularly special, but it’s able to outpace this Gallardo far too easily. The car featured in this race is a tuned Volvo S40 producing 420bhp. Love it! Which would you rather have: Supercar or Sleeper? Let us know in your comments.

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05 May 2015

Is This The New Top Gear Presenter Line-Up?

If early reports from The Sunday Express are to be believed, then the new presenters of Top Gear could be Guy Martin (Motorbike legend and presenter of ‘Speed With Guy Martin’), Philip Glenister (presenter of ‘For The Love Of Cars’) and Jodie Kidd (former model and presenter of ‘The Classic Car Show’ with Quentin Wilson). This bit of news emerged after a conversation was overheard between former Top Gear producer Andy Wilman and singer Jay Kay. There is no doubt that all three of these presenters are more than qualified for the job, but chances are die hard Top Gear fans will be unwilling to support the show if the original trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are not present. I will certainly be watching the new series if Guy Martin, Jodie Kidd and Philip Glenister are presenting as i like all three. But they have some serious boots to fill, and I’m not sure they will work as well together as the original trio. The question is, will you be watching Top Gear with this possible new presenter line-up? Comment below.

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29 Apr 2015

Impatient Moron Driving a Camaro Causes Truck and Big Rig to Crash

Far too often do we see videos of absolute tools driving on the road, and this is no exception! Yes, the truck driver was being an as*hole, but the impatient driver of the Camaro decides to go offroad and undertake the pickup causing a huge crash with the adjacent truck. This is unbelievable road rage footage, and the outcome could of been so much worse. And this ladies and gentlemen is why dash cams are a great idea, to catch morons like this on the road.

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28 Apr 2015

Ricer Mistakes 2nd Gear For 4th, Then Crashes

This “ricer” mistakes his 2nd gear for 4th and ends up losing control in this hilarious fail video. Everyone has missed a gear at some point when driving, but going into the wrong gear and then losing control like this is just crazy. He should of applied the clutch as soon as he knew he was in the wrong gear, but instead he let the “ricer” in him take over. You can hear how high he revs the car before it goes into a wild skid as he throws the back end out and then crashes into some bushes. “You lost control, coz the dirt” Haha, such a classic!

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