01 Jul 2015

Beetle Destroys A V8 Mustang On Dragstrip

A VW specialist in LA has created a shockingly powerful VW beetle that destroys a V8 Mustang hands down on a dragstrip. I had to check if the video was not on fast forward when the beetle monster let rip, leaving an embarrassed Mustang V8 owner in shock. The beetles raw power was developed by Kaddy Shack and left the crowd in awe and like myself a little surprised. I am sure many VW owners in LA will be knocking on Kaddy Shack’s garage door in pursuit of such god like beetle power!

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11 Jun 2015

The Mother of ALL GTA V Stunts

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Grand Theft Auto 5 videos on YouTube of people doing the most insane stunts. The huge popularity of GTA V mixed with support for players to record their own gameplay means we get to see some awesome footage. But this video takes the crown of a one in a million type stunt. Check this out! Talk about skill and luck rolled into one. I wonder if i could do it… Hold my beer!

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11 Jun 2015

Cyclist Who Cuts Into Traffic and Flips Off Motorist Gets Instant Karma

We’ve all seen them, cyclists who think they own the road and have more rights than motorists. Well this particular cyclist got far too cocky when he pulled out in front of a car which beeped at him. He then turned and politely told the driver to “f*ck off”. How rude! Haha, talk about instant karma.

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09 Jun 2015

Real Life Version of Grand Theft Auto

This video is doing the rounds at the moment, and rightly so. Created by CorridorDigital, this video depicts a real life version of Grand Theft Auto V, right down to the location in the game, Los Santos. The guy in this video even has the trademark GTA walk! Love the starting soundtrack too.

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05 Jun 2015

Embarrassing Ending to this Camaro Burnout

It looks like he had it all under control, right up until the end. You can tell that this Chevrolet Camaro is the owners pride and joy, it looks immaculate. The driver loves to show off by doing a burnout for the crowd, but then the unexpected happens. Prepare yourself, this is cringeworthy! What a plonker!

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04 Jun 2015

GoPro RC Gymkhana: Almost As Good As The Real Thing!

When it comes to precision driving around custom tracks and public roads, the Gymkhana series certainly delivers. Now imagine the same driving action, but shrunken down in size in the form of a remote control car. Welcome to RC Gymkhana by the guys over at HPI Racing! Awesome. What do you think of RC Drifting? Let us know in your comments.

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03 Jun 2015

Jet Engine on a MINI Cooper. What Could Go Wrong?

Someone has decided to strap a large jet engine to the back of their MINI Cooper, and then take it for a spin on a track. What could go wrong? It turns out, quite a lot! It appears the off-balanced car had too much power, and mix this with a slick road, well, you know what is going to happen. Watch the video anyway! Jet engines are far from cheap, and modifying a MINI Cooper to fit it won’t of been cheap either. Next time stick to a long straight track i guess.

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02 Jun 2015

This Idiotic and Aggressive Driver Has Several Insane Close Calls

This video footage captured on a dash cam shows a driver attempting to overtake a truck on the wrong side of the road almost killing a motorcyclist. The driver swerves to avoid the motorbike but almost crashes into another car head on. Is it really worth your life, and the lives of others, to get from A to B that little bit quicker? This driver should get a prison sentence as they could have easily killed the motorcyclist and seriously injured or killed the driver of the other car traveling in the opposite direction.

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29 May 2015

Stupid Truck Driver Who Thinks He Owns The Road Soon Gets Shut Up

We posted this video on Facebook the other day and it attracted a lot of attention. So here is the original video in all its glory. Basically, this truck driver is driving like a complete tool and nearly hits this motorcyclist on his side of the road. But the truck driver soon gets shut up by the bikers mate after mouthing off after the incident. That’s what you get for driving recklessly and endangering the lives of other motorists. Moron!

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28 May 2015

First Look at Shelby’s New 650bhp GT S550 Mustang

The Shelby American company was founded back in 1962 by Carroll Shelby in a bid to produce high performance parts and modified cars for individuals. It’s fair to say that most people are unimpressed with the companies recent offerings, but they hope that will change with this new beast. And we think their latest offering, the Shelby GT S550 Mustang, is pretty darn good. This 650bhp monster has the same 5-litre Coyote V8 from the Mustang GT, but with the addition of a Ford Motorsport 2.3L TVS supercharger. Up front you’ll find 6-pot Wilwood calipers, and 4-pot Wilwood’s at the rear with a specially designed brake duct to ensure the brakes stay cool. Shelby have also introduced adjustable rear control arms and camber plates which allow you to adjust the suspension to suit your needs. The inside is gorgeous with Recaro bucket seats, Shelby 3-gauge dash pod and a Ford Performance Short Shifter to make those gear changes quick and easy. The lucky guys over at Mustang 360 got their hands on this beast and had this to say: While it feels incredibly fast, you aren’t constantly worried about giving it too much throttle and spinning out. The traction control seems to keep it tracking straight when you crack open the throttle and the sway bars help it hug the curves, even under power. Despite having enough power to bury the speedometer quickly, the Shelby GT feels very refined and composed. You could easily daily drive it or take a road trip in one without going deaf from a loud exhaust drone. Now, onto the small matter of cost… The Shelby GT S550 Mustang starts at just $23,995 which is very reasonable. But, if you want all the bells and whistles which includes the Ford Performance 2300 TVS Supercharger you’ll have to pay around the $50,000 mark. What’s your thoughts on the Shelby GT S550 Mustang? Comment below.

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